To complement the diecasting process we are able to offer an in-house assembly service. The experienced assembly team work with our customers to produce high quality products by maintaining levels of component stock, monitoring quality of paint or plated finish and package products appropriately for despatch.

All bought in components, including paint or plating are sourced locally. We have built an excellent working relationship with our regular suppliers over many years.

Components include:

  • Plastic mouldings
  • Springs
  • Turned parts
  • Pressings

And a range of finishes:

  • Powder coat
  • Passivate (inc 240 hr)
  • Barrel Nickel
  • Polish and Chrome plating
Whiskey bottle cap

There are advantages when assembling zinc parts as they will accept a range of joining methods.

  • Screw fixing using threaded holes and self tapping screws
  • Interference fit - a cheap and effective way to join two castings permanently
  • Crimping and riveting